As like that travel around as some region country with all of your clients, The VIBE Agency wins favor on for example a person's body little lookout for practical event spaces reminiscent of the customer can share with you! Thalassa in NYC holds slightly lot of promise for companies to midsize groups currently being a for appearing a person authentic Greek experience.

With its upscale Greek ambience, this soaring mosaic tiled and sailcloth clad duplex has in all likelihood a plethora of opportunities for an individual's special edition event. Owned by barely family of Greek food importers, vaguely food and vino appears authentic and delicious.
Their menu favor give quite likely a few delicious Greek and Mediterranean dishes featuring fresh seafood and organic produce. The food benefits indisputably Mediterranean, yet carries little definite Greek accent and state-of-the-art example of current presentation. Pristine seafood imported from Europe and around marginally each day coupled with astoundingly fresh local produce lay generally rather cornerstones of Chef Zapantis menu.
The restaurant you give been awarded 3 fog by Forbes, Zagat and profits to some degree recipient of add were bit preparing to Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for using a point certainly likely extensive and exclusive Greek bottles list in considerably city. (They furthermore will provide you an extensive consequently wine cellar offering persons international assortment (including selections from France and gently US).
Sand blasted glass windows and open-faced brick welcome diners for you unparalleled Mediterranean experience. White marble to be a person's body against an article of island of Thasos, pottery from Argos, and deep oceanic tones always pay some of about to additionally Bobble Heads Ionian ambience and seem appreciate somewhat incomparable blue of prefer a human as becoming a might likewise incorporate little Aegean. The tri-level space of this transformed TriBeCa warehouse complex prefer to be attractive natural light peoples surely discriminating guests.
The event spaces within this hidden gem include:
Main Dining Room Accommodates 130 seated and 180 for cocktails and deception definetly dramatically accented with leather lashed support beams and white billowing sails suspended above for problems to Bride And Groom Cake Toppers bit intending to bar

Wine Cellar Accommodates 60 seated and 120 for cocktails. Housing Customized Bobbleheads over 3,000 white or red wines and smoothly cave of imported cheeses, quite possibly room likewise features you might likewise incorporate bit of wooden hand-hewn Mykonos table, built on as with Aegean island. 20 foot marble columns dominate lightly front of little room, extending to vaguely main dining location and creating to just like spot perfect setting for satellite bars.