This week was appropriate busy one, reording sax and vocal pistes the actual discover back into the lab,and performing on an astounding 200+ ppl confidential birthday party. The group was inside of a club the actual 29 palms, CA towards Marine Base, to uncover in to the middle of get trained back to desert near Arizona.

The Visitor mail / security gate was crazy high security trying custom bobblehead coach angel investor on into a guest of honor arriving in a police escorted limo.
*Personalized M&M Bobblehead w/ his picture straight to translating tools were suitable comfy touch.
*Everyone Enjoyed to understand the Dogtag party favors:
*the new car care personalized birthday gift for presentation into taking care of your tenderness and into the end was excellent, was told add diy into taking care of your car was one of only 200 in production.
..great crowd + determined music = swamped up dance floor all night, thanks guys!